Spinning my way through..

Hello and welcome to my blog! If you have lingered long enough you will see that I’m just putting this together as my way of getting some Cross Country mountain bike stuff on the web. Mountain biking is a fringe sport and as the years have gone by Cross Country racing has become a “fringe of the fringe” segment of the sport, kind of like fat bikes but those are still growing in popularity.

Take one look at the web and you will see plenty of sites dedicated to Enduro, dirt jumping. free riding ect. All the print magazines are trail or Enduro oriented and its understandable, the “Bro” mentality of the sport is easy to portraits ¬†and a great vehicle to sell knee pads and full face helmets with.

I won’t even begin to try and think what women who are new to the sport think when they hit the net or magazines, all I know is that these are really not accurate portrays of the people I’ve met while riding. Yes some of my best friends are “Enduro” types but I still drag them uphill with me! So if you don’t mind wearing Lycra or your “road” helmet at the trail head stick around, I will do my best to update and bring in as much XC racing info as I can. I will also be updating this blog with my miss adventures of my first cross country race season… stay tuned!


GMBN gives a little love.

This is the excerpt for a featured content post.

Last week popular YouTube site Global Mountain Bike Network posted a short video listing several downhill and enduro team changes but zero XCO changes. Well thanks to the many comments they got from many viewers (myself included) asking for XCO news they published a short and somewhat incomplete video. Its progress I say.

GMBN 2017 XC changes